Northern Cam


Northern Cam offer a complete range of capabilities to ensure your products are perfect everytime.


Northern Cam can provide it’s customers a rapid response time without compromising the quality of our components.

In addition to our UK capabilities, we are one of the few UK suppliers to have our own manufacturing base in India and an established, strong and reliable supply chain from China. This ensures that we can offer our customers all available manufacturing options including milling and turning to meet their requirements at a competitive price.

CNC Machining Centres

3 and 4 axis machining centres give us the ability to mill and drill in multiple faces of a solid or section of material. Our Vertical machining centres also use rotary cutters mounted on a vertical orientation to remove metal from a component part, producing a precision engineered component.

Our CNC Machine Centres Include:

  • Deawoo Ace V400 twin pallet x 3
  • Yang VMC 1000 x 2
  • Leadwell V20i x 1
  • Leadwell V30i 4th axis x 1
  • Doosan 400 4th axis x 1
  • Cinncinati Dart 4th axis x 1
  • Fanuc Robodrill x 1
  • Miyano MVS 35 x 1

CNC Sliding Head

Our CNC sliding head lathes are designed for machining high precision components to a high accuracy and superior surface finishes. Our CNC sliding heads have the ability to operate unattended overnight to significantly reduce the cost per component.

  • Star Micronics SR32 J X 2

CNC Chucking Lathes

Our CNC chucking lathes are designed for high productivity and maximum performance by allowing us to save time by using multiple tools in a single set-up.

Our CNC chucking lathes Include:

  • Hardinge Cobra 6” Chuck x 1
  • Hitachi Seiki 6” Chuck x  1
  • Takang TNC10 6” Chuck x 1
  • Doosan lynx 220 x 1

CNC Lathes Bar Feed

Our CNC Bar feeds include:

  • Miyano Twin Turret x 7
  • Takang TNC10 8” Chuck x 1
  • Doosan 8” Chuck x 1
  • Leadwell 10” Chuck x 1
  • Feller FTC-150 6” Chuck x 1


Our machines for sawing are CNC controlled and take a metal feed and accurately measure and cut components to size.

Our sawing machines include:

  • Kasto 250 automatic saw x 1
  • Aluminium high speed automatic saw x 1


Our inspection capabilities include Co-Ordinate Machines, Shadowgraph with a projection up to 10x magnification and high quality digital and conventional gauges and instruments.

Our inspection machines include:

  • 1 x Mitutoyo 544 Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • 1 x Mitutoyo Shadow Graph With Qm Data 200
  • 1 x Mitutoyo Surftest 402