Northern Cam


Supplying CNC milled and turned components throughout the world.


We have many years of experience working with the automotive sector. Many of our projects include manufacturing components that are used by some of the biggest and well known vehicles manufactures in the world.



We have been a leading supplier for manufactured components to the agricultural industry for over 30 years. Our components are currently being used by some of the leading manufactures of agricultural machinery and are used in a variety of machinery such as tractors and trailers.


One of our key end users is the construction industry. Our components are currently being used by leading manufactures of construction vehicles for over 35 years, and have been used in large variety of construction machinery from diggers to off-highway vehicles. Our reputation for high precision quality components at a competitive price has made us a key supplier in this market.


Components for this sector need to be high in strength for both usage and consumption efficiency. We are proud to have served this demanding industry for over 35 years providing everything from fully assembled fuel delivery systems to casing and tubing heads, flanges, valve bases and pump bases among other items.


We have been providing precision components to leading boiler and heat exchange manufacturers for over 30 years. Our manufacturing facilities produce cylinders, pipe assemblies, finned tubing and components for headers and manifolds for use in domestic and commercial heating boilers.


We manufacture a large range of components for the lighting industry, including fibre optic fittings and bespoke lighting fixtures.


The range of components demanded within this industry sector is vast. Often components for the Marine industry are complex with geometrical features that require precision milling. Typical components we produce for the marine sector are instrumentation components, pipefittings, deck fittings, couplings, manifolds, guides and housing and instrumentation components.


Northern Cam continually invest in the latest CNC machinery, including CNC fixed head, sliding head CNC & CNC milling machines

Our CNC turning capabilities include:

  • Manufacturing turned components from 2mm to 300mm
  • Live tooling, cross drilling and milling capabilities
  • Large batch volumes to single prototype components
  • The latest in Automatic Barfed technology
  • Automated un-manned night running which significantly reduces costs and allows us to give our customer a highly competitive price.

Our CNC Milling Capabilities include:

  • Milled components from 400mm to 1000mm
  • Twin pallet CNC machines for high volume batches
  • CNC machines with 4th Axes capabilities
  • Single pallet high speed drilling machines
  • Large batch volumes to single prototype components


Northern Cam has built an invaluable reputation for quality and service. We provide a superior service by managing all aspects of the business to rigorous standards and have full traceability throughout our management systems. 

Quality is never compromised, and our procedures and processes are continually reviewed and improved to ensure that our customers receive products and services to the highest standard. Our impressive inspection facilities include high quality digital, conventional gauges, instruments, co-ordinate machines and shadowgraph.

We welcome our customers to visit our manufacturing facility to inspect our capabilities for themselves.